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What are your impressions of this season?

It was very interesting season. We played lot of very good games. All the teams that participated in playoff's were strong. During the preparation for the end of the season, we played friendly games in Belarus with the top-level teams. We gained a great experience there. I also remember the selection to the U-16 national team, where I compared my skills with other players. I realized, that I still need to work futher. It is really pity that it wasn´t possible to finished this season. To compete for the medals in the Ukrainian Championship and in CJHL.

How was the season from your personal point of view?

The beginning of the season for me was not very successful. But by the end of the season it was much better, although there is still much to work on.

This year you have been selected as the team captain. Are you coping with this role and what is your job?

The duties of the captain include: to maintain the morale of the team and to show skills on your own example. I was chosen for the end of the season (last two games). So I cannot say, if I managed or not.

"Halycké Levy" completed the regular season on the third place in championship of Ukraine and on the first place in one of CJHL groups. How the preparation for the end of the season looked like?

We went for a trip to Minsk, where we had many friendly games. Training process in our home arena has also been intensified, so I think, we were ready to take gold in both competition.

In the semi-final series of the Ukrainian Championship, your team has played only one game before pandemic stopped everything... You beat Kryzhynka Kyiv 5:1. How hard it was to fight for this victory?

Of course, it was difficult. Nobody want to lose, so they fight till the end. All of us were satisfied with the score of 5:1. This result proves that we were worthy of being in the final.

Were there any differencies at the games versus Kryzhynka in the regular championship and the playoffs one? Compare, please, what has changed and why.

These games were different. In the playoff's you are already fighting for the medals. Every mistake is very "expensive". Therefore, everybody is playing on his maximum.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this season has been prematurely completed. How did you react to stopping the season?

It is a pity, that we couldn't finish this season. I hope everything will be fine, and our team will be able to show full power in the next one. And to win as much games as possible.

Did the decision about the premature end of the season surprised you? How was the situation in the team before it happens?

It seemed the coronavirus was far away from us and would not affect...But since the virus was spreading too fast, it has reached all the Europe, including Ukraine.
Suddenly, within a week, everything was closed, the ice-hockey championships were cancelled or suspended all over the world. Our team was in a fighting mood, we were eager to win the first place, but it turned out as it turned out.

The management of CJHL decided to honour the best scorers of each group with the "GOALS LEADER" trophy. With 22 goals, you became the best scorer of the blue group of Eagles division. What was your reaction and was it unexpected for you?

Of course, I am very happy. I was trying to show my best and to lead my team to victories. And that was a pleasure bonus for my efforts.

How did you manage to achieve such a result?

I think, I’ve gained it through the hard work and trainings. And also I was lucky sometimes.

Which CJHL rival was the hardest to play? Why exactly? What did not work?

All the opponents were strong, but the hardest games was with the "Baltu Ainiai" Kaunas. They have very good and strong players. And in games against them, we have a serious problem with the realization of some moments on the ice, that sometimes betray us.

Your team confidently led the ranking in blue group and will be awarded as divisional group winners. What were your impressions and emotions in the team?

From the first games we did all our best to win the championship of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League. The team regrets that it was not possible to finish it, but the result is satisfying.

What do you do during quarantine and how do you maintain your skills?

Even, during the quarantine, I can't permit myself to stay without trainings. I try to keep fit by doing some elementary exercises. I am also working with a stick as much as possible.

What is your biggest hockey dream?

My dream, like any others hockey players, is to play hockey on professional level.

Who do you like in hockey world, maybe your favorite team?

I like Connor McDavid for his speed and technique. There are many good teams, so choosing just one is difficult.

What can you and your team wish to all the fans for the quarantine period?

For everybody - be healthy and stay home! Especially for our fans - wait for the new season and come to support our team. And to us - with new forces to start a new season and to achieve more victories.

source: interviewed by Diana Bozhik, media manager of HK Halycké levy Novojavorivsk, specially for