2021/2022 CJHL U12 CHAMPIONS

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Carpathian Junior Hockey League decorated its first Champions of 2021/2022 season!

Category U12 had its last round on schedule during last weekend. Six team met in beautyfull city of Krynica-Zdrój on April, 8-10. After three days of great games, Champions were honoured on Sunday evening. Laser and pyrotechnic show brought to all participants great experience.

Due to actual situation in Ukraine, some CJHL members decided not to trave to Poland. On the other hand, thanks to great effort of home club and management of CJHL, team consisting from Ukrainians players who are actualy on dfferent places in Slovakia, Poland and Romania, took part in this event. Due to all above, format of last round had to be modified.

In first stage, teams met in round-robin system. After that, games for final standings of 4.round were played. To gold medal game qualified mentioned "Ukrainian Select Team" and MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ. After very good, dramatic and emotional game, young players off MMKS took win 5:4 after shoot-outs.


UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój - FRH Select     5:1
Ukrainian Select Team - CSM Dunarea Galati     13:4
MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ - Festival Hokeja     4:2
FRH Select - Ukrainian Select Team     2:8
Festival Hokeja - UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój     6:4
CSM Dunarea Galati - MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ     1:10
MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ - Ukrainian Select Team     6:5
Festival Hokeja - FRH Select     7:0
UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój - CSM Dunarea Galati     7:1
FRH Select - MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ     1:9
Ukrainian Select Team - UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój     8:4
CSM Dunarea Galati - Festival Hokeja     3:13
Ukrainian Select Team - Festival Hokeja     5:3
FRH Select - CSM Dunarea Galati     3:2 ps
UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój - MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ     4:3 ps

4.round, 5.place game: CSM Dunarea Galati - FRH Select     1:2
4.round, 3.place game: UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój - Festival Hokeja     4:2
4.round, 1.place game: MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ - Ukrainian Select Team     5:4 ps


1.place: MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ
2.place: Ukrainian Select Team
3.place: UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój
4.place: Festival Hokeja
5.place: FRH Select
6.place: CSM Dunarea Galati

Beside of cups and medals for teams, also BEST PLAYERS of 4.round from each team were honoured...

UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój: VASILYEU Hleb
Ukrainian Select Team: STASKEVYCH Mikita
CSM Dunarea Galati: MORUN Dragos
MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ: KNAP Jakub
Festival Hokeja: TYŃSKI Amadeusz

Gabriel WSÓŁ became a BEST SCORER of final round with 13 goals.

Home team UKS KTH got "only" bronze medals in fourth round, but it nothing changed on their leading position in all 2021/2022 season standings:

1. UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój
2. MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ
3. Kryzhynka Kyiv
4. FRH Select
5. Partizan Belgrade
6. Crvena Zvezda Belgrade
7. CSM Dunarea Galati

U12 Carpathian Junior Hockey League ALL STAR TEAM 2021/2022

UKS KTH Krynica-Zdrój: FEREK Łukasz
FRH Select: STĘPIEŃ Marceli
CSM Dunarea Galati: RUSU Mihai
MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ: BURCZYK Łukasz

Gabriel WSÓŁ from MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ became a BEST SCORER (36 goals), as well as POINTS LEADER (47 points) of the season. Also special price for BEST GOALIE of the season was donated by PRO HOCKEY CAMP, Krynica-Zdrój. Free voucher for goalie camp got to Kacper KOCZERA, MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ.

Congratulations and big thanks for the season!