SEASON 2020/2021

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Summer is here. Ice-hockey world is slowly preparing for next season. Very slowly and still with lot of questions. Coronavirus causes wrinkles on the faces of hockey managers all around the world. Carpathian Junior Hockey League is not an exception...

"First of all I must say, that we are pleased and honoured, that at this moment we register interest from more that 40 teams in different age categories. We really appreciate it," said Peter Kločanka, CJHL director and further explain the current situation around CJHL: "Due to pandemic situation all around the Europe, the beginning of new season is still uncertain. At this moment, we can say for sure, that we will not start in the end of August, as was usual in previous years. Anyhow, we are working on it and we want to begin as soon as possible. Of course, in consideration the situation in all countries involved in Carpathian Junior Hockey League. We hope it will be possible to start season in October, maybe in November."

Let´s hope together, that everything will turn out well and we will be able to meet soon at hockey arenas...