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The best CJHL goalies interviewed each other

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Two guys dominated in goalies statistics of Eagles division. Vilius RAMANAUSKAS from "Baltu Ainiai" Kaunas in blue group and Illia BOHDANOV from Kryzhynka Kyiv in red group. We asked both goalies to prepare questions for the second guy. Today we bring you second part of this "double" interview. Illia was asking and Vilius answered...

Illia: How old you was, when you started with hockey?

Vilius: How I remember I was 6 years old and I started training in February.

Illia: In which age you became a goalie?

Vilius: At the same age, after the team summer camp. Coach asked who wanna be a goalie and I raised my hand. In 5 month came my equipment and I started.

Illia: Why you decided to be the goalie?

Vilius: I don‘t remember but just know I was asked by coach. When started I always watched how goalies make saves and how they play.

Illia: Which goalie from NHL is your favourite? Why?

Vilius: Marc-André Fleury. He play very smart and he makes incredible saves. And he have very nice routine before games.

Illia: What do you know about Ukrainian hockey?

Vilius: Not much, but what my teammate said it‘s very preferred sport.

Illia: Did you have any serious injuries in your career?

Vilius: I had some small injuries, but it wasn‘t so seriuos. Groin injury was very bad because I didn‘t play 5 month. Then, after the groin got little bit stronger I came back on ice. Till now I feel this pain when I do some fast move in butterfly. What can I do to not get this injure again, is just doing stretch.

Illia: Do you have any dream about your hockey future? Where you want to play?

Vilius: I just wanna get in university in USA with hockey and finish university with hockey. If I could play like prefessional, I prefer NHL in Golden Knights team.

Illia: In which teams you played till now?

Vilius: My first team was Griunvaldas. Then I moved to my current team Baltu Ainiai.

Illia: Which countries did you visit with hockey?

Vilius: Latvia, Finlandia, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Czechia, Ukraine.

Illia: Which sport/sports do you like besides hockey?

Vilius: Basketball and volleyball. It is really good fun playing it with friends.

Illia: What kind of music do you listen before games? Do you have any special/favourite song?

Vilius: TRAP RAP HOUSE. I always use same playlist and I always changing it with some new realesed songs. I don‘t have favorite song, because it is still new released song to become my favorite. For now it is FSG - Bullseye (Prod. by Conkretus), it‘s lithuanian best TRAP gruop.

Illia: Have you ever fight with the goalie from opposite team?

Vilius: Once I wanted to fight, but the other goalie did not, so I fought with player. In another game I have opurtunity, but I was very tired. Till now, I am very depressed because I didn‘t jump into that fight.

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