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Before the third round we spoke with Lukáš Marcin, an forward for HK Mládež Michalovce. After two rounds Lukáš is, together with Andrey Vystavkino from Kryžynka-2007 Kyjev, the highest goal-scorer in the Wolves division. In 10 games he has scored 14 goals, to which he has also added 7 assists.

Tell us something about your start in hockey. How did you get involved in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

My grandfather got me interested in hockey when I was perhaps a 4-year-old. I got started in hockey by playing at the winter stadium in Michalovce.

Do you still remember your first coaches? Can you highlight some of the coaches who have or had a major impact on your hockey growth?

My first coach was Slavomír Stripai. All of my coaches moved me forward in a certain sense, but most of all perhaps my current coach Peter Štekláč.

Do you have a hockey idol or a favorite hockey team?

My hockey idol is Alexander Ovechkin, and my favorite team is the Washington Capitals and, of course, HKM Michalovce.

What would you like to achieve in hockey? Do you have a hockey dream?

I’d like to play hockey professionally and my biggest dream is to get to the NHL.

If you didn’t play hockey, is there another sport you would have competitively devoted yourself to?

If I didn’t play hockey, I would really enjoy playing floorball, so I guess I’d devote myself to floorball.

Michalovce has been in the CJHL since its founding. This is your first season. What are your impressions of this competition?

My impressions are completely positive; we play against balanced teams and each game shifts forward, and every win really pleases us.

With 14 goals after two rounds you are the highest goal-scorer in the league. What is the secret of your scoring success?

I don’t have any secret; I always try to play the best hockey I can.

After two rounds your team is in third place. The third round will decide which teams advance to the final six. Do you think it’s in your powers to battle your way to the final in Debrecen?

I’m convinced that we can do it.

We’re at the halfway point of the season. What will make you happy by the end of it?

I’ll be happy if as a team we finish in the best place possible.

In conclusion, what would you wish for your teammates but also your competitors in the CJHL during the second half of the season?

I wish everyone to finish the season as best they can and that everyone is happy with their performance.



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