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U19 Carpathian Junior Hockey League continue today with 7 games of last 2018/2019 season round. Teams met in Poland, city of Sanok, to complete the season. Yesterday was one League game on shcedule. HK Halycké Levy Novojavorivsk beated Kryzhynka Kyiv 4:0 and are still in the head of the ranking.

In Sanok we welcomed a guest team, East Coast Spartans from US. Young Americans played yesterday 2 games already. They began their Europe trip with two wins - STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok (5:2) and SDYUSSHOR Kharkov (5:4). Today they will try to continue with good performance in games against HK Halycké Levy Novojavorivsk and MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ.

All games you could watch on youtube channel of Carpathian Junior Hockey League

Game schedule, March, 29.

09.00      Kryzhynka Kyiv - STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok
10.20      MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ - Gladiators Dunarea Galati
11.40      EC SPARTANS (USA) - HK Halycké Levy Novojavorivsk
13.00      STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok - HK Mládež Michalovce
14.20      SDYUSSHOR Kharkov - Kryzhynka Kyiv
15.40      HK Halycké Levy Novojavorivsk - MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ
17.00      Gladiators Dunarea Galati - STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok
18.20      HK Mládež Michalovce - SDYUSSHOR Kharkov
19.40      MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ - EC SPARTANS (USA)