U18: Interview with Mateusz BUCZEK

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Goalie of the club STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok Mateusz BUCZEK is the leader of goalies statistics after first round of CJHL U18.

Tell us something about your hockey beginnings. How did you get into hockey and where did you take your first hockey steps?

I began to devote myself to hockey when I was eight years old. This was for the club UKS Niedźwiadki Sanok.

Do you still remember your first coaches? Can you highlight some of the trainers who have had a major impact on your hockey growth?

I think coaches Marek Batkiewicz, Marko Milý from Prešov and Martin Klempa from Poprad had the greatest impact on my hockey development.

Do you have a hockey idol or a favourite hockey team?

My idols are Carey Price and Andrei Vasilevski. My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

What would you like to achieve in hockey? Do you have a hockey dream?

Obviously, like everyone else, I would love to play in the NHL. But if I manage to get into a quality league, like the SHL or KHL, for example, then I’ll be very happy.

If you didn’t played hockey, is there another sport you would have devoted yourself to?

When I was little I went to bicycle races with my father. Today I can’t imagine that I’d devote myself to any sport other than hockey.

The Carpathian Junior Hockey League has its first round behind it. What are your impressions from this competition?

Last season I tended goal for Comarch Krakov. It seems that this season will be really exciting.

After the first round, you have the best statistics among the goalkeepers of U18 category (a save rate of 94.9% and a goals-per-game average of 1.33); what is the secret of your success?

The keys to success are careful preparation for the season, hard work, focus and concentration on one’s own performance.

Like you, your team is doing well; it’s currently in third place right behind the leading pair. Do you think you’ll be able to get higher up in the standings?

My teammates in the Carpathian Junior Hockey League did really well last year. I see the potential in our team to get into first place in this competition.

The next round of the CJHL is on the programme in November and takes place in Novoiavorivsk. What are your goals when travelling to Ukraine?

Obviously, we’ll go there with the aim of winning as many games as possible. I personally want to maintain the highest possible success and thus help my team.

In conclusion, what would you wish for your teammates but also your competitors in the CJHL?

That they remember that the most important things are fair-play, mutual respect and hard work.


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