U16: Andrii TARASOV, goalies statistics leader

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After the first round of the CJHL we interviewed with actual leader of the goalies statistics. Andrii Tarasov, goalie of the leading team of U16 Carpathian Junior Hockey League, team SDYUSSHOR-2002 Kharkov.

Tell us something about your hockey beginnings. How did you get into hockey and where did you take your first hockey steps?

My father got me involved in hockey, for which I am very grateful.

Do you still remember your first coaches? Can you highlight some of the trainers who have had a major impact on your hockey growth?

When I was seven years old, I started attending the hockey school DRUZHBA-78 in Kharkov. There I met my first coach, Aleksander Barankovský. I think he was the one who showed me the “pathˮ in hockey.

Do you have a hockey idol or a favourite hockey team?

My idol is goalkeeper Carey Price, and my favourite team is the Washington Capitals.

What would you like to achieve in hockey? Do you have a hockey dream?

Of course, I have my own hockey dream. Maybe like every hockey player, I’d also like to play in the NHL. And, of course, representing Ukraine would be a great honour for me.

If you didn’t played hockey, is there another sport you would have devoted yourself to?

Truth be told, I have no idea what other sport I would play aside from hockey.

The Carpathian Junior Hockey League has its first round behind it. What are your impressions from this competition?

This competition is very good in my opinion. We have the opportunity here to gain experience in matches with our peers from different countries. All the teams are quality teams, so we have to approach each game responsibly.

After the first round, you have the best statistics among the goalkeepers of U16 category (a save rate of 95.8% and a goals-per-game average of 0.67); what is the secret of your success?

There is no secret hidden in it. Like the entire team, I try to fully “workˮ with one aim – to win!

Like you, your team was also successful. After the first round you are at the top of the standings without losing a single point. How would you evaluate the strength of your competitors? Will it be difficult to maintain your top spot in the standings?

As I’ve already mentioned, all the teams in the competition have their quality. So, if we want to stay at the top of the standings, we have to give maximum effort in every game and play as a single collective. Only then will we get good results and these will be reflected in our position in the standings.

The next round of the CJHL is on the programme in November and takes place in Sanok. What are your goals when travelling to Poland?

We’re travelling to Poland with one goal and that is to win. We want only to win all season long!

In conclusion, what would you wish for your teammates but also your competitors in the CJHL?

I wish everyone a great season. A lot of self-confidence, victories and good sporting luck!



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