U18: Interview with coach of MŠKM TREBIŠOV

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How do you remember your hockey beginnings? Who got you started in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

I don’t recall much about my beginnings; I think I began playing hockey at age 6; a recruitment was done at the winter stadium, so I asked my dad and he went there with me. I liked the training a lot, so I started to go regularly.

How did your hockey career develop? What do you consider as the greatest success in your playing career?

From preparation up through the category of older pupils I played at home in Michalovce; in U18 and U20 I played for HKM Zvolen, and then I returned home and I played for Dukla Michalovce, where I played nearly my entire career. I played several seasons in Trebišov, in Hungary at Miškolc, and for a bit I was with the Czech team Šumperk. During my playing career, I didn’t have any great successes, which bothers me a little.

When did you begin with coaching? Did you plan to become a trainer during your active playing career? Where have you worked as a coach?

I began coaching after my return from Šumperk. I was still an active player and at the same time I coached. I really loved hockey and still do, and that’s why during my playing career I considered that when I finished playing, I’d become a coach. As a coach, I worked at home in Michalovce, where I coached all the age categories, and prior to this season I had an offer from MŠKM TREBIŠOV, which I accepted; and I’m very glad that I can help this club with the development of these players.

Do you have a coach-idol? What style of hockey do you prefer as a coach?

If I’m to tell the truth, I don’t have any particular coaching model; I tried to observe every coach, their behaviour in individual situations, whether this involved the coaching process or specific situations in a match. I like and I will always try to give preference to a combined and offensive style of hockey.

And the best moment of your coaching career so far?

I hope that the most beautiful moment still awaits me (a laugh), but so far in my career I very much value the 2nd place in the first hockey league with the men from Dukla Michalovce, as the assistant coach of M. Ihnačák.

What would you like to achieve as a coach? Do you have any dreams for your coaching career?

I would be glad if the players I train grow not only into terrific players but also good people who will make their mark in life.

What goals do you have upon entering the Carpathian Junior Hockey League?

To be honest, I don’t know what I should expect, but I hope that this league brings all the teams a great many quality games and experiences.

Do you think that such an international competition can help young players in their hockey-related growth?

Each difficult game and confrontation with foreign hockey can help with hockey growth, so I’m convinced that this will be very good experience.


The best player ever: Wayne Gretzky
The best active player: Connor McDavid
Your most favourite hockey team: I don´t have 
Your most favourite sport (exc. hockey): tenis
Your most favourite sportsman: Roger Federer


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