Oleg Moller: We are looking forward to the new season!

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Greeting from Oleg Moller, vice-president of CJHL to all players, coaches, managers and fans of Carpathian Junior Hockey League...

Good day, dear sporting friends!

Not quite one month now remains until the first puck is dropped on the second season of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League. Now only one month of waiting! A month is a short period of time, but also a long one.

Preparations for the new season are at their peak in the League leadership as well with you, the clubs that make up the league. We know which of you are already in full training mode on the ice and those who are still only preparing for ice time. Likewise, we also well know about the state of expectations for the new season. I believe that you are looking as forward to it as I am, likewise the entire management of the CJHL. And do you know why? Because during the past season we did a lot of brilliant work together. We ourselves prepared this great hockey holiday, the “nameˮ of which is the Carpathian Junior Hockey League!

Now, on the threshold of the new season, I would like to mention the names of the clubs which shared in the origin of the CJHL. They are HK Halycké Levy Novojavorivsk, HK Mládež Michalovce, STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok, Hokiklub Debrecen, Miskolci Jegesmedvek and MŠKM Trebišov. Our gratitude belongs to all of the “foundersˮ. I would especially like to thank the management of the Romanian club Dunarea Galati. This club “jumped onto the league trainˮ at the last moment. They consented with all the conditions of their participation in the league despite the fact that due to the great distance they did not have a claim on organization of a league round in Romania. Everything was subordinate to one thing – to give their players the chance to play hockey. The Gladiators during the season showed themselves to be an organized and disciplined team not only on the ice, but off it as well. From the beginning, they confirmed the legitimacy of their belonging to this hockey society. With their approach, they deserve the right to organize a home round in the U18 category in the coming season, which was unanimously approved by all clubs.

Before this new season our hockey family has grown. The new members of the CJHL are - HC Brumov-Bylnice (CZE), SDYUSSHOR Charkov (UKR) and DYUSSH "KRYZHYNKA" Kyjev (UKR). I firmly believe that they will be a contribution for our common League and that they will try to develop and promote it in their own countries.

Dear friends, allow me on behalf of “our teamˮ, that is on behalf of the CJHL council, to thank you for the fact that in a few short days we will start our second season together. We consider the fact that our “foundingˮ clubs are continuing in the competition as well as the interest of other clubs to be the reward for our work so far. With respect and humility toward your trust I want on behalf of the entire CJHL management to ensure you that we will further try to do everything we can so that this competition will always be of higher quality, more interesting and with a promising future in the coming years.

We wish you excellent preparations for the new season and we look forward to meeting with you in a month in Slovakia!


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