Season 2017/2018

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To the start of the new season of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League, there are only less than 50 days left. What will the second season bring in?

The biggest change over the premiere season is that in the season 2017/2018 will be under the heading of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League take place two age categories. Category U16 (players born in 2002/2003) and U18 (2000/2001). The number of CJHL teams also increased. In both competitions will be presented 7 teams.

In the role of newcomers in the Carpathian Junior Hockey League will be: HC Brumov-Bylnice (Czech Republic), Kryzhynka Kyiv and SDYUSSHOR Kharkov (both Ukraine). "Newbie" is also Debreceni Hoki Club (Hungary), who already participated in the season 2016/2017 under the name of DebMis Select in a common team with Miskolc.

The playing system is the same in both categories. The teams will measure their strengths in four rounds, totalling 24 games. The first round of both categories is scheduled for August 25-27, 2017. The U18 category will play its matches in Trebišov, U16 will fight for points at the STD Arena in Vranov nad Topľou. The terms as well as the venues of other rounds are not yet definitively known.

Participants of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League in the 2017/2018 season

Category U16: HC Brumov-Bylnice (CZE), SDYUSSHOR-2002 Kharkov (Ukraine), Debreceni Hoki Club (Hungary), Gladiators Dunarea Galati (Romania), Kryzhynka Kyiv (Ukraine), HK Mládež Michalovce (Slovakia), STK UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok (Poland)

Category U18: HC Brumov-Bylnice (CZE), SDYUSSHOR U18 Kharkov (Ukraine), Gladiators Dunarea Galati (Romania), HK Mládež Michalovce (Slovakia), HK Halycke Levy Novojavorivsk (Ukraine), STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok (Poland), MŠKM TREBIŠOV (Slovakia)