SEASON 2021/2022

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Summer is here, but CJHL management is working on next season. Carpathian Junior Hockey League started registration process for 2021/2022 season on early May. During 2 months, more than 50 teams of different age categories shown their interest to join CJHL!

Since 1.July, League management started "membership process" with teams with confirmed registration. "During two months we collected information. The main question was, about which age categories have clubs interest. And who has interest to join CJHL. After that, we put all datas together and we made decission about categories we will open," approached Peter Klocanka CJHL director and continued: "In these days we informed clubs about age categories for CJHL 2021/2022 season. Teams were also informed about CJHL Rules and regulations and about conditions of CJHL membership. Now, they have time till 15. July, to meet all criteria."

At this moment, it look like, that CJHL will be played in 5 age categories. What will happend, if some of team with confirmed registration changed his mind? "For now we are working with 49 teams divided in 5 age categories. It means 7 teams in U12, U13 and U18. In U14 and U16 we have 14 teams in each. To each category we have some teams on waiting list. So if some of those 49 teams change their mind about participation in CJHL, we will start to talk to the next ones," add Peter Kločanka.

Which teams and from which countries have interest to join CJHL in upcoming season? "At this moment I can only say, that teams are from 9 countries. Names of the teams we will announce, after confirming their membership," closed Peter Kločanka.