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Pandemic season was in Poland almost normal. Games of youth and junior categories started on September 6. 2020 and ended on March 26. 2021. The Club Niedzwiadki Sanok was represented in 6 competitions directed by Polish Ice Hockey Federation: U20, U18, U16, U14, U12 and mini hockey. Besides of that, Niedźwiadki played also in CJHL Qualification tournaments , in age categories of U14 and U16. All teams were allowed to train during the whole season. Games were played during the weekends as usual. From October 19, fans participation in the arenas was forbidden. The 2020/2021 season was very successful for UKS Niedźwiadki MOSiR Sanok.

MINI HOCKEY: The youngest Niedzwiadki Sanok won the Santa Claus Tournament 2020 in Krynica. The team of coach Krzysztof Rocki defaeted Tychy in the semi-final (4:2) and in the final – the hosts of the tournament Krynica (6:2). Mini hockey players have qualified for the Czerkawski CUP 2021 Final, wchich will take place at the beginng of rhe 2021/2022 season.

U 12: Players leaded by coach Mateusz Kowalski played 16 matches during the season. They took 2nd place in the regular season in the Podkarpacie – Małopolska Youth League. In the National Final Tournament "Independence CUP" in Łódź, they took 3rd place (participated teams Tychy, Łódź, Sanok, Gdańsk, Jastrzębie, Nowy Targ).


U14: Coach Tomasz Wolanin, with his team, played 20 games during the season. They also took part in CJHL Poland Qualification.

U16: Gold medal
Players from four "Youth Training Centers" (Ośrodky Szkolenia Młodzieży) – Sanok, Toruń, Katowice, Oświęcim took part in the Tournament. The players representing Sanok (Sanok, Kraków, Dębica) became the Champion of the Centers, defeating Toruń 7:5, Katowice (6:1) and Oświęcim (5:3). Players of coach Michał Radwański played two rounds of the CJHL games. After two rounds they took 1st place (Club Niedźwiadki Sanok, MKS Sokoły Toruń, JKH GKS Jastrzębie, MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ).The CJHL Finale tournament is scheduled on August. Team Niedzwiadki Sanok U16 qualified for the Polish Championships, as well. In the group stage, Sanok won all three matches, beating Cracovia Kraków (3:2), Unia Oświęcim (6:3) and MOSM Tychy (3:1).In the semi-final, the Club Niedzwiadki Sanok defeated JKH GKS Jastrzębie (3:2 extra time). Unfortunately, due to the government restrictions, it was impossible to play the final game. Finally, Polish Ice Hockey Assocation decided to award the first two places. Club Niedzwiadki Sanok became the Champion of Poland (U16), together with Unia Oświęcim. The third place was awarded to JKH GKS Jastrzębie and Sokoły Toruń.


U18: Gold medal
The Club Niedzwiadki Sanok was nominated to the National Winter Sports Olympics (Ogólnopolska Olimpiada w Sportach Zimowych). In the group stage, team leaded by coach Krzysztof Ząbkiewicz, reached serie of the victories, beating KS Katowice Naprzód Janów (2:1 extra time), MKS Sokoły Toruń (4:3 extra time), Cracovia (4:1). In the semi-finals, the Niedzwiadki Sanok defeated MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ (5:2) and in the final they defeated Toruń (3:2).This gold was won on the ice. Niedzwiadki Sanok is the Championin the Polish Youth Olympic in the Winter Sports.


U20: Gold medal
The Niedzwiadki Sanok U20 got qualified to the U20 Polish Junior Championships. In the group stage they won two games, KS Katowice Naprzód Janów (5:0), UKS Zagłębie Sosnowiec (4:3) and lost the game against KH Polonia Bytom (2:4).In the semi-finals they defeated MKS sokoły Toruń (9:2). Unfortunately, the final match did not take place due to the government restrictions. Ultimately, Polish Ice Hockey Assocation decided to award the first two places. Team of Krzysztof Ząbkiewicz took gold medal and become Champion of Poland U20, together with KH Polonia Bytom. The third place was awarded to MKS Sokoły Toruń and MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ.


1. League ((Młodzieżowa Hokej Liga): Team Niedźwiadki Sanok played 22 matches and finished on 4th place with 47 points.

Ekstraklasa: Also Polish senior pro-level league was played. Sanok team Ciarko STS Sanok finished season on the 8th place.


This season, despite the pandemic, was for the players of UKS Niedzwiadki Sanok very successful. Three gold medals for Sanok have become a true – that is the biggest success in the club’s history. Great applause for all, players, coaches and club management.

Text: Marzena Niemczyk, CJHL reporter
Photos: Marzena Niemczyk, Tomasz Sowa, Niedźwiadki Sanok