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Few days ago, we finally closed previous season. Let´s continue in introduction CJHL teams in 2021/2022 season!

MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ, is a member of Carpathian Junior Hockey League since 2018/2019 season. "After I became club president, one of my targets was to get our teams to CJHL. League accepted us in 2018. In first season we joined CJHL in 3 age categories. Since that time, our teams played lot of hard international games," said Zdzislaw Zareba, president of MMKS Podhale and continued, "We, in club, are sure, that such an competition can help our players in their growth as a hockey players, as well as their personalities. Regular confrontation with different hockey schools, getting to know different cultures, visiting new places, finding new friends,... all this moves them forward."

Club from Nowy Targ became an integral part of CJHL and during last 3 seasons organized also several CJHL rounds. "Podhale was, after Sanok, second polish team in CJHL. From the beginning they showed great efforts to become a stable and reliable partner of the League. We appreciate it very much and I believe that our partnership will continue in the future as well," said Peter Kločanka, CJHL director.

Podhale will play this CJHL season in 3 age categories; U12, U14 and U16.