U16: Oleksandr Panchenko - another CJHL rookie

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Less than a month before the start of the second season of the Carpathian Junior Hockey League we offer you an interview with the coach of the team SDYUSSHOR-2002 Charkov.

How do you remember your hockey beginnings? Who got you started in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

It’s fair to say that my coaches Leonid Gladčenko and Valerij Pľašečnik brought be to hockey. Thanks to them, I was accepted to the Charkov hockey school SDYUSSHOR. I was 9 years old then.

How did your hockey career develop? What do you consider as the greatest success in your playing career?

My career had several interesting stages. I played in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands and obviously Ukraine. I enjoyed winning the Ukrainian championships with the "Berkut" and "Sokol" teams. Particularly memorable for me are also the victory with the Ukrainian national team to 20 years old at the World Championships B in Hungary or the bronze medal from the winter University Games in Poland.

When did you begin with coaching? Did you plan to become a trainer during your active playing career? Where have you worked as a coach?

I’ve been a coach since 2012. I think that during my playing career I couldn’t imagine that I would one day become a youth hockey coach. But I am very happy that I could remain in hockey and further devote myself to a job that I enjoy. My entire coaching career is thus far linked with the team SDYUSSHOR-2002 Charkov.

Do you have a coach-idol? What style of hockey do you prefer as a coach?

During my playing career I had the opportunity to work with several coaches. I learned from them; I took useful information and knowledge. I now try to use it in my own coaching work. “Myˮ style is a combination, team play, in which each player has the opportunity to show the best of his skills.

And the best moment of your coaching career so far?

The victory of my team SDYUSSHOR-2002 in the Ukrainian Championships during the 2014-2015 season.

What would you like to achieve as a coach? Do you have any dreams for your coaching career?

I want my team to play interesting hockey and to finish as high as possible in competitions. My dream is that my boys “grow upˮ into quality hockey players and that they have the opportunity to play in the strongest of the world leagues.

What goals do you have upon entering the Carpathian Junior Hockey League?

Above all, I want to gain international experience and obviously finish in first place!

Do you think that such an international competition can help young players in their hockey-related growth?

I don’t think this is so; I am completely certain of it. The experience that young players get in this league will certainly help them in the future.


The best player ever: Valeriy Kharlamov, Wayne Gretzky
The best active player: Pavel Datsyuk
Your most favourite hockey team: Pittsburgh Penguins
Your most favourite sport (exc. hockey): soccer
Your most favourite sportsman: Sergiy Bubka, Yana Klochkova


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