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Carpathian Junior Hockey League "covid season" 2020/2021 is in its end. This season was due to corona pandemic very unusual. Anyhow, more then 240 CJHL games were played.

"Before the season, we had hope that things will change to normal and we will be able to organize Carpathian Junior Hockey League as usual. As we informed before, more then 40 teams from 10 countries wanted to participate in 2020/2021 season. Unfortunatelly, pandemic situation changed our plans. In October we decided to change League format for this season. Idea was to play National/Regional qualifications where it will be possible and then, in the end of the season, to play International Finale tournaments. We succeeded only partially," said Peter Kločanka, CJHL director.

Qualification tournaments were played in Poland and in Ukraine. "In Poland we played qualification in two age categories, U14 and U16. In U14 we had 6 teams, one of them was from Czech republic. We played 2 rounds. Third round was planned on January and later rescheduled on March. Both of this dates were cancelled due to corona restriction. In U16, where we had 4 teams, was the same situation. We had to cancel third round. In total, 58 games were played in Poland Qualification tournaments," informed Mr. Krzysztof Czech, CJHL Poland Qualification Coordinator.

In Ukraine, 34 teams participated in Qualification tournaments. "It was 10 teams in U12, 11 in U14 and 13 in U16. In each age category, teams were divided in 2 groups. 2 rounds were played in each group. Plus Final rounds were played in U14 and U16. Best teams were qualified to CJHL Finale Tournament. In U12 we didn´t played final. Due to game schedule of our home competition, there wasn´t time to play it before CJHL Finale, so the best teams from both groups participated in CJHL Finale," explained Igor Arkhypenko, Coordinator of Ukrainian Qualification and continued, "We also had some problems with dates of the rounds due to corona restriction in our country, but we managed it. Our teams shown strong effort and interest to be part of such a competition as CJHL is."

U12 CJHL Finale Tournament was already played in Nowy Targ, on March 19-21. Seven teams arrived to Poland to compete for the first Carpathian Junior Hockey League trophy of this "unusual" season. Home team, MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ, as the best Polish team of MILAN CUP 2020. SDUSSHOR Kharkiv and Morski Vovky Odessa as the winners of two Ukrainian Qualification groups. Invitation for FINALE TOURNAMENT was also accepted by 4 teams from Czech Republic. Pilsen Wolves (blue and gray), Stasa Team and Pražský Výběr (Prague Select). Gold medals belongs to Stasa Team.

"U14 Finale Tournament was scheduled on April, 1-3. and U16 on April, 16-18. Both of them were postponed. At this moment, there is again possibility to play hockey in Poland, but almost all arenas melted ice due to restrictions imposed by the Polish government on 27 March and subsequently extended on 9 April. On the other hand, Ukrainian teams have their duties in play-off of their home Championships. So even if we will find arena to play, it is not possible," added Peter Kločanka and continued: "It´s a pity, because also teams from Latvia and Czech republic were interested to participate in CJHL Finale. But the situation is, like it is, and we have to accept it. We are thinking about playing U14 and U16 Finale in the beginning of next season. But as we saw during last months, it is very hard to make some future plans. At this moment, I would like to thanks to all teams for their participation. To all organizators, for their organization of qualification tournaments. Special thanks belongs to Mr. Krzysztof Czech and to Mr. Igor Arkhypenko, for they effort and hard work during this season."