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Tell us something about your start in hockey. How did you get involved in hockey and where did you take your first steps in hockey?

Sometime when I was four, I stood on a pond for the first time and told my father that I would like to try it. I enjoyed it immediately, right from the first training session at the winter arena in Domažlice.

Do you still remember your first coaches? Can you highlight some of the coaches who have or had a major impact on your hockey growth?

Pavel Voldán, who taught me to skate, trained us at practice in Domažlice. He also showed me the basics of working with a hockey stick. I’d also like to highlight Petr Jonák, thanks to whom I got to Pilsen; he taught me what I know.

Do you have a hockey model or a favorite hockey team?

My role models are Jack Eichel and Auston Matthews and my favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What would you like to achieve in hockey? Do you have a hockey dream?

Like any hockey player, my biggest dream is to play in the NHL. But mainly, I would like to play hockey my whole life.

If you didn't play hockey, is there another sport you would have focused on competitively?

I think it would be football.

In the Carpathian Junior Hockey League, you play for the Pilsen Wolves. It’s not a typical club. Tell us something about the “wolves”.

We’re a really strong team. We all want to win. And we’re also a very good group of guys.

You’re doing well in the competition; you’ve not been beaten yet. What do you think is your greatest strength?

Our strength is mainly that every single player wants to win the match and does the best they can on the ice to do this.

You personally are dominating the individual statistics. You’ve scored 22 goals in 12 matches. Tell us your recipe for scoring goals.

The recipe is simple. If you want to score more goals than the others, you have to train more than others.

You’re also leading the competition in assists. What do you enjoy more, scoring goals or assisting teammates to score goals?

Of course I enjoy both. But the main thing is that we just score that goal.

You took part in both rounds, but your team played with relatively different line-ups. But looking at the results, it seems that you have no problem with that...

We had a strong team both rounds. In the second I played even better, because there were players with us who couldn’t come the first time.

How did you like Poland? What countries have you managed to visit as a hockey player?

I liked Poland, mainly because we could play hockey there. Thanks to hockey, I’ve visited Sweden and Finland, for example, but also Russia.

The current pandemic situation is not very good for sports. The previous season ended prematurely and this one didn't even really start properly. How did you spend time when you weren’t allowed to train, the schools were closed ... Were you able to stay fit?

This has really been a terrible two seasons, during which we hardly played at all. I’ve tried to spend time mainly outside. I trained every day, strengthening work, running or practicing my shooting.

What do you miss or what did you miss the most during this period? What are you most looking forward to when the pandemic measures are lifted?

I’m most looking forward to just being able to train and play matches with the guys.

What is the current situation in the Czech Republic?

Currently, the situation is that all the arenas are closed, so we can’t even train.

Finally, what does hockey mean to you?

Hockey means everything to me.

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