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The first round of U13 Carpathian Junior Hockey League took place in Sanok during the weekend. 3 days, 7 teams, 5 nations, 21 games. Thats how the first CJHL weekend of 2023/2024 season looked like!

"Even that season is just in its beginning, we saw some really good games. I think, all players tried to do their best. We saw also some excelent individuals performances, as a example we can mentioned 2 hat tricks of Kacper SUCHECKI (Niedzwiadki) or 3 shutouts of Nazar DANYLIAK (Dnepr)," said Peter Kločanka, CJHL director and continue: "It is also a positive, that we don´t have team with zero points. Organizationally, I think, its was on good level, so my thanks belongs to home club Niedzwiadki Sanok. We also brought one novelty. After each game we decorated the best playres of both teams. I hope this will also motivate the kids to next work." 

After the first round, Niedzwiadki Sanok occupy the first place, Dnepr-2011 with the same points on second. Festiwal Hokeja with 12 points on the third. Points leader is Oleksii KOROTKYI (18 points, Dnepr) and the best scorer Kacper SUCHECKI (12 goals, Niedzwiadki). Full players statistics can be find on


STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok - Kárpáti Farkasok     4:3
Festiwal Hokeja - HC Patriot Vinnica     9:1
HC Dnepr-2011 - CSM Dunarea Galati     7:0
Kárpáti Farkasok - MŠHK Mládež Prievidza     2:1
HC Patriot Vinnica - STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok     0:9
CSM Dunarea Galati - Festiwal Hokeja     2:6
MŠHK Mládež Prievidza - HC Dnepr-2011     1:6

STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok - Festiwal Hokeja     2:6
HC Dnepr-2011 - Kárpáti Farkasok     5:2
HC Patriot Vinnica - MŠHK Mládež Prievidza     4:3 ps
CSM Dunarea Galati - STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok     1:11
Festiwal Hokeja - HC Dnepr-2011     2:4
Kárpáti Farkasok - HC Patriot Vinnica     1:2
MŠHK Mládež Prievidza - CSM Dunarea Galati     8:3

HC Dnepr-2011 - HC Patriot Vinnica     7:0
CSM Dunarea Galati - Kárpáti Farkasok     5:2
Festiwal Hokeja - MŠHK Mládež Prievidza     1:2
STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok - HC Dnepr-2011     6:4
HC Patriot Vinnica - CSM Dunarea Galati     3:6
Kárpáti Farkasok - Festiwal Hokeja     0:5
MŠHK Mládež Prievidza - STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok     3:4


1. STS UKS Niedzwiadki MOSiR Sanok   15 pts.
2. HC Dnepr-2011   15 pts.
3. Festiwal Hokeja   12 pts.
4. MŠHK Mládež Prievidza   7 pts.
5. CSM Dunarea Galati   6 pts.
6. HC Patriot Vinnica   5 pts.
7. Kárpáti Farkasok   3 pts.